Offroadcode go international

Say hello to the new faces of Offroadcode USA - Janae Cram and Kyle Weems.

@Naepalm & @cssquirrel

Both are firm favourites in the Umbraco community and we've had the pleasure of working together in the past so when they became available we knew their knowledge and experience would be an excellent complement to the existing team.

Their combined skills include more than just kung fu flames, Janae will be helping with a wide range of front end design iteration and development, UX and prototyping as well as Umbraco development while Kyle adds a mind boggling amount of javascript experience and front end development skills (and of course more Umbraco).

As we take on more projects; working direct with clients, fellow Umbraco providers and Gold Partners we're also digging into the exciting world of ReactJS we have more ability spread out among the team and the added benefit of spanning two timezones which will be great for helping deliver our projects in an even more timely manner than ever.

They will be joining us in the UK in a couple of weeks to meet everyone face to face and catch up with how we all work before heading back to Bellingham in Washington and working as a remote team.

Now to begin a new chapter as an international company with staff literally spanning two continents!

Welcome to Offroadcode Janae & Kyle