Linking Nodes to Grid Editors With Our Reusable Content Extension

Using Umbraco's grid is one of the best content experiences an editor can have, especially when using the excellent Doc Type Grid Editor by Umco (aka Matt Brailsford and Lee Kelleher). Here at Offroadcode it's our go-to editor of choice for grid content. However, with some of our larger clients' editor needs, we realized we had an opportunity to make their editor experience even better with some slight augmentation of the Grid Editor.

Hence, the Doc Type Grid Editor: Reusable Content Extension (that's a mouthful), or the Reusable Content Extension for short. When installed on your Umbraco site alongside the Doc Type Grid Editor, it extends the grid editor tool to let you import, export, and link your grid editor content to other nodes on your Umbraco site.

(An example of the steps to exporting grid editor content to its own content node.)

With this extra functionality, our clients' editors find it far easier to keep certain rich content that might be reused in multiple parts of the site sorted in their own organized container where they can edit once before importing in elsewhere, either to keep as linked and synced clones or as "content templates" to make small edits to after import.

Version 1.0 of the Reusable Content Editor was compatible with v0.4 of the Doc Type Grid Editor, but we've just released Version 2.0, which is fully compatible with the newest version of Doc Type Grid Editor and Umbraco 7.15. If you were interested in the extension in the past but were using the newer version of the grid editor, you need wait no longer!

The DTGE: Reusable Content Extension can be downloaded from the Our package repository or you can go to its code repository on Github if you're looking to get the package source code for further noodling around. Enjoy!