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A long overdue refresh

We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Nu-Way in the past, providing Umbraco support and development so when the opportunity to help redesign and rebuild the front end of their site came up - we wanted to help out.

This was an interesting challenge for us because the old site was reasonably well structured in terms of content but lacked direction to the two key sections Nu-Way wanted to promote. Solutions and Careers.

Nu-Way were keen to emphasise that visitors to their site were split reasonably evenly between those customers looking for their wide range of trucking, haulage and logistics along with potential drivers searching for new roles across the whole of the USA.

The brief

We had a fixed budget for this project and while that can sometimes turn into a battle between client and agency to squeeze the maximum number of features into that budget - we use feature based development to help us give better quotes it helped avoid this problem from the start.

Project deliverables

Quick design iteration

We favour an initial stage of sketching out layouts and notes on paper and then scanning/photographing or doing them in OneNote to get them in front of clients very quickly. In our experience it gives a quick overview of a page layout and enables clients to visualise where page components will be and what initial interactions can or might take place.

Quick sketches to kick off design
Photographing paper sketches for quick layout guidance and feedback works well to get a high level feel for a page very quickly.

Rough sketches can easily be combined with "pattern library" elements made in Photoshop and a "library page" where all the HTML components are stored in the form of a live HTML styleguide.

Navigation pattern designs
Designing and building options for navigation and other site components to create a pattern library.
Navigation pattern designs
Building the navigation to work on a variety of device and screen sizes is often easier in HTML than Photoshop.


We quickly moved from pieces of the puzzle to putting it all together with the new build of Umbraco CMS. Nu-Way were on an older version but we felt it would be quicker and more efficient to build from scratch and re-enter only the content that was still needed rather than copy everything across from a V4 site.

The front end of the website now has a significantly updated design, look and feel and makes use of much more of the company's media in the form of high quality photography they had commissioned.

Pages across the site can be custom built using Umbraco's Grid system combined with a range of flexible, modular content rows such as "staff features", videos or client testimonials so while we retain a consistent look and feel - the flexibility to create varied pages is there for the content editors.

It is also significantly easier for customers to browse thier logistics solutions and drivers to find opportunities in the careers section.

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