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We didn't just build a website, we built a business that doubled in size 4 years running.

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Cutting Edge Knives

Since 2011 when we conceived of and built the site and business idea it has grown rapidly and generates an annual profit that allows us to continue experimenting.

We felt the best way to prove beyond any doubt we not only know how to design and build great websites but also how to support and grow the businesses that are behind the code was to do it ourselves.

Prototyping the idea

The first steps once we’d established what sort of product we wanted to sell was to get a site up and running within 3 weeks. Offroadcode are a Gold Certified Partner of Umbraco so we always work on this CMS platform and by opting for a content first, rapid prototyping approach we were able to create a site that had products online and available for purchase in a very short period of time.

2011 Post-It Notes, HTML & Javascript – One of the first prototypes of Cutting Edge Knives

Design and business growth

It’s not been an entirely smooth journey, and we’ve learnt a great deal along the way and ultimately grown and improved not just elements of the website design but created a wide range of tools and workflows behind the site and the business to ensure we not only deliver a great service but that we do so as efficiently as possible.

Beautiful top quality knives backed up by first class support and service.

Anyone cautious about buying online need not worry, you're in safe hands with Cutting Edge Knives

-Peter, UK

Content is king

From day one, we knew that great content would be a key to selling the knives and we've invested heavily in writing quality reviews and maintaining our tone of voice throughout the site.

In the last year, we've also invested in professional photography for nearly all of our products and have them shot when they're available.

So many sites use either low quality photos they've taken themselves (we did too) or they use shots provided by manufacturers which doesn't differentiate them from anyone else. We get great feedback on the quality of our photos and content which all leads to higher perception of quality and trustworthiness and ultimately - sales.

Better quality photography and content leads to sales improvements and customer trust.

Quick testing and improvements

It’s easy for big companies to A/B test minute detail but when you have more modest traffic, you’ve got to be a bit creative with research and testing. Polling the web design community and a modest number of customers turned out to be a very effective way for us to research cart abandonment and the results of a simple survey led to a massive improvement in our sales.

We like to give back to the community we're in so shared our findings on the well respected Web Design Tuts Plus network.

One view of the product page going through design and content iterations

Talking about the project

One of the best things for me personally is that creating this company and project has also acted as a catalyst to get me speaking in public. Something I’d always feared in the past. I’ve now delivered a talk a talk about our business at Hybrid Conference in front of nearly 200 people and also at a meetup environment and it’s my intention to continue speaking at future conferences. For those interested, you can also view my talk - "The things you learn when you're the client".

Having fun

Experimenting with a business beyond just the website has always been something Offroadcode enjoys. We advise our clients on more than just design and code - we identify sticking points in workflow, suggest areas where customer service can be improved or internal process made more efficient.

Having a business like Cutting Edge Knives allows us to test and prove a range of suggestions from how to handle eCommerce postage to creating efficient automation of processes in Umbraco.

It also lets us have some fun from time to time with things like #PeteKnifeMeme!

#PeteKnifeMeme, brief internet fame and fun

We've now been in business since mid 2011 and after slowly growing the site in the first two years are an established brand in the UK knife market and have seen our turnover more than double year on year for 4 years running.

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Congrats on this. It's unbelievable.

Slickest product showcase I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.

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