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Designing your website is often the most exciting part of you project, its the bit everyone sees. However without the content in the site you might as well be building a race car in your lounge. Without a road for it to go on it won't do much.

Content imports are a critical part of any website rebuild and can quickly get complex if you want them done right. Content needs to be cleaned (remove all those old styles and formatting that your last CMS injected in), correct all those quick fixes you did to work around the limitations of the last system, reshuffle the nesting of content to make more sense etc. Its often far more than just copying fields from one field to another. 

Years of experiences and tools

With years of experience importing huge amounts of content from site such as the NHS, Olympic Holidays and from systems such as Word Press, Kentico, Sitecore or from data formats as wide spread as spreadsheets, XML files, API's and those crazy one off undocumented formats we've had a taste of them all. We have solid tools and work flows to ease the importing of content into your new Umbraco CMS website that make the import process as easy as we can while ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves.

Free up your content and get it imported correctly

So now you can tick off "sort out content import" from your todo list, one less item to worry about. Let us take the strain and work out how to get your data into the format you want. If job intimidates your existing developers or you simply want to let them get on with the rest of the build we are happy to step in and work along side them to get the content in to start bringing the site to life.

So start the conversation, get in touch and let us handle the technicalities and let you focus on your business.

Janae   ❤️️   Umbraco

Janae ❤️️ Umbraco

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