Kyle Weems Front End Developer

Kyle adds a mind boggling amount of javascript experience and front end development skills.

What do you do at Offroadcode?

I spend most of my time elbow-deep in JavaScript, usually involving the React library. We have several clients that possess complex interactive sections of their site that benefit from the interactivity and speed that React can provide. It's really fulfilling seeing the kinds of experiences we can create to help our clients' visions become a reality.

Favourite project you've worked on?

It's difficult to pick one, there's been so many. But the most recent project that I'm fairly proud of is Ernest, a rich text editor for the Umbraco back office that helps our clients' editors keep their website copy focused and clear. Built in React on top of an Angular wrapper and utilizing Draft.js, it makes for a slick experience.

What would your dream client or project be?

Any website with interactive content that brings a new challenge with it. It can be intimidating to say "Well, I've never done that before," but it's also where I can start with a blank slate in creating a new solution that I wouldn't have thought to make before.

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