Janae Cram Umbraco Master

Umbraco Master & Officionado, Janae specializes in exceptional editor experiences

What do you do at Offroadcode?

"Umbraco Master" is a pretty title, but not necessarily a very descriptive one, huh? I am an Umbraco (GRAND!) Master, having been the first woman in the US to complete all 5 training courses, and I'm also one of the 2016 Umbraco MVPs.

As for what that means at Offroadcode, I honestly do a little bit of everything! I work primarily in C#, making all the bits and pieces of the data and design puzzles fit together (it's fun!), but my true passion is creating amazing editor experiences. When a project gets handed off to a client, I want them to smile when they're editing their content, so my goal is always to give them an easy experience combined with little Easter eggs of pleasure and laughs smattered through all my useful help text!

Favourite project you've worked on?

I think I would have to say Selby College. The site has gone through multiple iterations, and most of them before I joined the Offroadcode team. Rebuilding the site in the newest version of Umbraco was a fun challenge, as I got to reorganize the structure and recode it from the ground up. It made my little organizational heart sing, and it turned out awesome in the end, too!

What would your dream client or project be?

I like any project that's a challenge and any client who's fun to work with. I'm a big fan of smiles, humor, and getting down to serious work. My favorite types of sites are ones with multiple pieces that get integrated together, whether it's travel, eCommerce, or a university as they really stretch my problem-solving skills and allows me to come up with new and creative solutions.

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