Jack Penney Web Developer

After joining us for his placement year, Jack made an immediate impact with his development skills and ability to manage multiple client projects.

What do you do at Offroadcode?

My main focus is developing backend solutions for our websites. In addition to this Iā€™m involved with maintaining our websites and servers ensuring they are well optimised and secure. I also work directly with our clients, providing support and input for the duration of the project.

Favourite project you've worked on?

Working on rebuilding the Olympic Holidays booking engine has been my favourite project so far as it introduced me to the world of developing travel/holiday websites and allowed me to play and create with a lot of new ideas and technologies, such as React.

Not only this, it was fantastic to see everyone ideas (including my own) grow and take shape throughout the project

What would your dream client or project be?

Anything that provides a technical challenge and gets me out of my comfort zone. I love sinking my teeth into a problem and introducing myself to new technologies and ideas.

It brings me great satisfaction solving problems as Iā€™m able to produce something that not only solves the issue at hand but gives me something I can learn from and be proud of.

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