A Crop For Every Occasion Zoom Area Cropper

What is the Zoom Area Cropper Package?

Add a high resolution image to a piece of content and create on it separate crops with their own focus points and zoom ratings unique to that content.

  • Create a custom amount of crops with their own focal points on each piece of content.
  • Select an image with media picker instead of having to upload a new image for each instance of the image with its own crops.

Download for Umbraco

Install the selected release through the Umbraco package installer or download and install locally from Our.

After you've installed the package, create a new DataType and select "Zoom Area Cropper" from the property editor dropdown. You'll need to set a width and height for the crops to output as before saving the DataType. Next, add the DataType to the DocType(s) of your choice.

Download on Our View on GitHub

So... how is this different from the Image Cropper? Watch the video and it'll all become clear.

What about the front end?

The Zoom Area Cropper package includes a property value converter that makes it easy to apply to the front of your website.

Here's an example of how simple it can be to include the Zoom Area Cropper in a view: 

Code Snippets

Here's an example of what the data saved in the property editor looks like, which provides you with plenty of flexibility in how to make use of the crops:

Code Snippets

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