Sort your media in a grid view with ease Sortable Drag and Drop Media

What is the Sortable Drag and Drop Media Package?

A replacement for the media grid list view, Sortable Drag and Drop Media permits you to sort media items by dragging and dropping them inside the grid view itself.

  • Save your editors time in sorting large lists of media.
  • Just drag and drop your media where you want it.
  • Looks and acts identically otherwise to the media grid view, so editors don't need to relearn how to use it.

Download for Umbraco

Install the selected release through the Umbraco package installer or download and install locally from Our.

Once you've installed the package you can substitute the standard Umbraco grid list view for your media items with it.

  1. Navigate to "Media Types" in "Settings".
  2. Click on the "..." to the right of "Media Types" and select a "Media Type" and hit "Create".
  3. Set up your media type with the name of your choice.
  4. Add a new tab, such as "Content", and in the tab click "Add Property". Name it as you wish and click "Add Editor."
  5. Select "List View - Media" from the available editors and hit "Submit", then select the gear icon for the property editor.
  6. Click "Add Layouts" under Layouts, add a name of your choice, and insert "/App_Plugins/SortableDragAndDropMedia/views/SortableDragAndDropMediaView.html" in the Layout Path.
  7. Remove the other list views if you don't wish to use them (We recommend at least removing "Grid") before submitting the new property to close the dialog.
  8. Make sure your media folder has permission to be wherever you need it in the media tree and that you've established allowed child node types via the "Permissions" configuration you can reach via the icon in the upper right.

Now you just need to add your new folder type in your media tree wherever you want it and you're good to go!

Download on Our View on GitHub

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