For all your user's questions FAQ Listing

What is the FAQ Listing Package?

Easily organize your frequently asked questions in a single page without having to deal with extra nodes of content.

  • Add all your questions & answers in one location
  • Easily move items up and down on the page
  • Group items by category
  • Pre-made front-end code on gist for your developers to "plug and play"

Download for Umbraco

Install the selected release through the Umbraco package installer or download and install locally from Our.

After installing the package, create a new DataType and select "FAQ Listing" from the property editor dropdown, then add it to a DocType of your choice.

Download on Our View on GitHubΒ Get the Front-End Code

The FAQ Listing can easily be applied with the DocType Grid Editor in the Grid, which you can see an example of below.

Frequently asked Questions

Here is an example of the FAQ Listing being rendered in the grid

What about the front?

The FAQ Listing is incredibly easy to apply to the front of your website.Β The code below is broken into three different snippets:

  1. Rendering all FAQ Items
  2. Rendering FAQ Items by category
  3. Rendering FAQ items by querystring (so it will only display ones in a specific category)

Just use the bits and pieces that apply to your specific project or mix and match them for your needs!

Code Snippets

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