View basic page data super fast! DocType Inspector

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What is the DocType Inspector?

To get basic DocType information for a page in Umbraco, you have to click that page, go to the properties tab, and scour around. Sometimes, a developer wants a snapshot of what DocType a page is, what templates it has, and other basic information without clicking everywhere! The DocType Inspector grants that wish by adding context to right-clicking on content nodes at any point in the tree.

  • Displays what DocType the page has
  • Tells the developer what templates are allowed (great if there are multiple!)
  • Is this DocType allowed at the root? It'll show you!
  • Displays a big red box for unpublished pages
  • Shows when the page was created and when it was last saved

Work faster and smarter!

DocType Inspector is an unintrusive package that in no way conflicts with core functionality. Download it without fear and get more knowledgeable at a site you work on every day or a new one you've inherited!

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Hi, I'm James

Hi, I'm James

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