View and compare real data Back Office Visualization

What is the Back Office Visualization Package?

An interactive chord diagram gives you an overview of how your DocTypes connect to each other and what their relationships are. Added functionality lets you easily navigate through the DocTypes for editing.

  • See what DocTypes are used as compositions
  • View how many DocTypes are attached to each other
  • Edit a DocType right from the visualizer

What can it do for you?

Confused as to what doctypes use which compositions? Need to see at a glance the structure of your site? Then Back Office Visualizations to the rescue! Our umbraconeers have worked tirelessly to give you this tool that shines a window of awesomesauce on your Umbraco install. Whether you've inherited a site and want to make sense of it or wish to add some much needed clarity to that 6 month old masterpiece which you are now convinced you wrote drunk, Back Office Visualizations has your back. Safe to install on any v7+ site it does no database amends just amaze-balls graphs. Install it and get on over to the Settings section and check out the new 'Back Office Visualization' tab to start drooling.

Download on Our View on GitHub

Watch the demo video to see it in action!

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