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Whether you're a content editor or a developer, we want to make your Umbraco experience as pleasing as possible, so we've created a bulk of awesome packages that help ease your pain or simply make you smile. Managing media, viewing data, and entering content has never been simpler! Check them out, and if you're in love? Give them a download orΒ get in touch!

If you have a problem that you want solved to make your life easier as a content editor - we'd love to work with you on a project! Want something built? We promise we can do it.

Are you a developer? We'd also love to contract with you. In fact, it's one of our favorite things. Working on packages and Umbraco projects with other excellent teams is a pure delight. Hit us up!

Enjoyable Editor Experiences

Sortable Drag & Drop Media Icon
Sortable Drag & Drop Media

Sortable Drag and Drop is a replacement for the media grid list view that permits you to sort media items by dragging and dropping them inside the grid view itself.

Zoom Area Cropper Icon
Zoom Area Cropper

This package allows editors to create multiple crops, each with their own focal points and zoom ratings, from a single large image on a piece of content. Idea for use cases like highlighting important features of a product.

Content Picker with Preview Icon
Content Picker with Preview

It's not always easy to imagine what a picked piece of content is going to look like from a page name or an id. This package allows your editors to get an idea of how their content is going when selected for use on another page.

Text Over Image Editor Icon
Text Over Image Editor

Banners are probably the most common request on a website, and most marketing teams want the flexibility to customize them how they want. This can require multiple fields in Umbraco that are clunky and often confusing, so we've made it easier by combining everything into one place!

FAQ Listing Icon
FAQ Listing

This package allows your editors to easily organize a frequently asked questions section on their site without having to deal with nodes embedded in nodes embedded in... you get the idea.

Ernest Rich Text Editor Icon
Ernest Rich Text Editor

Ernest is a Hemingway-like rich text editor package for the Umbraco backoffice by Offroadcode. It helps editors ensure there's focus and clarity in their writing. Words and passages that could use some attention are highlighted with explanations why.

Helpful Developer Tools

DocType Inspector Icon
DocType Inspector

Tired of clicking into every page just to get some basic information? This package adds context to the flyout menu when right-clicking a content item to give you quick, basic information for less clicks!

Back Office Visualization Icon
Back Office Visualization

Seeing how DocTypes map to each other, what inheritance they have, and what components they're using can be daunting. This package takes away that pain by using a chord diagram to show how DocTypes map together as well as a handy table that lists data in easy-to-parse chunks.

2 Factor Authentication Icon
2 Factor Authentication

Your website is only as secure as the strength of your password unless you add in the additional layer of authentication that is two factor authentication. This uses your own phone to valid that you are really you. By adding in an additional security check you ensure that even if your passwords are compromised an attacker still can't gain access to your site.

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