One page, one week - fixed cost Design Optimisation

We understand that not every project is a massive budget, ground up redesign from scratch and that for some companies an initial quick sprint to improve a specific part of your site can deliver an improved customer or user experience. 

Start improving your website right now with a fast, fixed-cost, single page design update by the award winning Offroadcode team.

One page, one week and a fixed cost of £2,500.00

Ideal for companies looking to work with us without the initial commitment of a long term project.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a single page on your site: It might be your homepage, a pricing table or a product page on your eCommerce site - it's entirely up to you what you want us to focus on.
  2. Answer our questions about your page and goals: We have a few questions that will help us to understand your current issues, goals, and expectations for the design update. 
  3. We'll design and document a more usable and efficient version of your page: Based on your questionnaire answers and our design experience and skills, we'll improve the design, usability, structure and flow of your page. 
  4. In just a week we'll deliver a new design and "before and after" summary: The report will contain the updated design compared to the initial page along with our explanation and recommendations for improvement. 

Who is this service for?

Sometimes, you just need a short term focus on a particular part of your website and aren't quite ready to commit to a longer term relationship with an agency. This design optimisation service is perfect if you're asking yourself:

  • Why isn't our homepage generating the¬†number of leads we want?
  • Why are our customers¬†abandoning¬†our product checkout page and not completing their purchase?
  • How can I simplify this form so it generates more enquiries?
  • Can we improve our search results page to show more useful information?¬†
  • Is there a better way to show this table of information?¬†
  • We're broadly happy with our page but is there something we're missing because we're too close to our own¬†project?
  • I'd love to work with Offroadcode but will they take on a small initial project first?¬†

What do I get?

  • The design update is limited to one existing page from your website. If you're at the stage where you're wireframing or coming up with broader concepts or need more than a single page, get in touch and we can discuss that in more detail and come up with an affordable solution for you.
  • The final deliverable is PDF file that includes a full sized¬†screenshot of your page in 3 broad sizes to reflect how it will look in¬†small, medium and large screen sizes. We don't specifically design for certain device sizes unless you want us to focus our efforts in one place. (HTML and CSS can be¬†built¬†for an additional fee)
  • Design changes will only be made to the body of the page, you current header/navigation and footer content will remain consistent with the rest of your site.

How much is this?

A design optimisation sprint is £2,500.00 (ex VAT) and we will deliver one page design in one week. (we'll agree a delivery date with you prior to starting)


Frequently asked questions

How much input do we have in the design?

Before we start, you're welcome to have as much input as you wish. In addition to completing our standard questions, we'll have a discussion about the scope of the design update (are we refining a page or do you want to see a new direction). However, because this is a fixed-fee, short turnaround service, once we start we won't be able to accept any further input and what we deliver is final. 

What if I want more than one page designing?

Get in touch - we're happy to discuss a broader project with you but if you need more than our focus on a single page of your site then this service isn't for you but we can certainly still help design or improve your website.  

Can you focus on a particular device or screen size? 

Sure, it's your website we're improving for your customers. If you know they're having issues on a particular device or screen size and want to focus on that to get the best results then let us know. 

When are you free?

Get in touch, we're here to help you but in order to provide the fixed cost and quick turnaround, we need to schedule in your design sprint to deliver it in a week so we need a commitment in the form of payment at the start of the project and an agreement on start date from you. Lets talk! 

Get started now

Complete our short questionnaire (.doc format) and email it back to us and we'll be in touch to get started.

Download questionnaire