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When it comes to exciting web development jobs, not many people put CMS upgrades near the top of the list but it's critical to keep up to date with a regular upgrade plan for Umbraco. 

If you need a site updating or want to hand over management of scheduled upgrades to ensure you're always running the most secure version possible for your business then give us a call. 

Why should I upgrade Umbraco regularly?

Umbraco release a major upgrade every 3 months with many minor updates which come out in between. Keeping constantly up to date can be tricky, time consuming and costly.

As a result we recommend upgrading roughly every 6 months or sooner if a bug fix is needed on the site and stopping you getting things done. This makes the cost of updating and disruption to a minimum while still getting the bulk of the benefits throughout the year.

Although it may be tempting to hold off on updates (especially when everything seems to be working well) the longer you leave it the more breaking changes mount up and the longer/harder/riskier it is to do the upgrade. This tends to lead to upgrades being pushed back even further!

Can you handle major Umbraco version upgrades?

Of course 👍

We've upgraded sites between major versions as well as just applying smaller maintenance fixes for a range of clients. Just get in touch and we can advise the best path for your specific site to bring you up to date. 

Do you take a backup first?

We certainly do - before we start any upgrade, we'll take a backup of your database and schedule in a time to complete the upgrade to make it as seamless and safe as possible.

Can you just handle it regularly?

If it helps you get on with the more exciting jobs on your todo list, we're more than happy to discuss a regular upgrade agreement for your site and you can spend more time high-fiving your team after doing that awesome other bit of development you've had your eye on!

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