A potted history of our name

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Ever since we began working as Offroadcode back in 2004, we've seen many iterations of our name on emails from clients, invoices we've received, introductions on websites and conferences so to help clear up who we are and how to refer to us...

Our name comes from a shared love of the outdoors - biking, running and generally enjoying the countryside and writing robust code that can withstand the rigours of the modern web.

In short: We're Offroadcode. All one word and with a capital 'O'. 

If you're the tax man or our accountant then you'll probably know us as Offroadcode Limited but for anyone else, just Offroadcode is fine. 

Variations of the name

From time to time we let a few things slide, but not too much! Here's the official list of what's good and not so good. 

Acceptable options

Approved use

  • Offroadcode
  • Offroadcode Limited
  • ORC - We normally use this to namespace in code we write where it's necessary for clarity

Not so great 

You're in trouble

  • Off road code
  • Off the road code
  • Offroad Code
  • Offroad
  • Off Road Coding
  • Pete's team

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