Weeknotes #2

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With Ally and James away on holiday this week and Janae, Kyle, Jack and Rich working remotely - we're actually quite a distributed team these days and it's always tricky getting a groove where you all feel close enough despite the miles between you but not so close that you feel you're overcompensating. 

It's not like we don't speak over one channel or another through the course of a day but sometimes it can be all work talk so Rich suggested a nice idea of adding an orc-photobooth channel to slack to let us share a photo or two each day of our surroundings whether it's walking the dog to work, a half decent view out of the office window or anything local to the person who's sharing it. 

The nice thing about this is that we see a little snippet of that persons surroundings rather than just a wall behind a Skype chat window or hangout. 

It's worth trying if you've also got a remote team (or suggest it if you're remote yourself) - if you do anything that helps keep a distributed team happy and connected we'd love to hear it too. 

The problem with web fonts

While playing around with Cutting Edge Knives, one of the things we've done recently is remove web fonts and just render a system font stack in our CSS. One of the biggest annoyances about web fonts I personally have is not actually the filesize, (I made peace with 200kb for a valuable visual enhancement asset a long time ago) it's the hideous layout jank you get. 

It doesn't seem to matter how you load or delay them, the layout jumping around or being hidden is a massive design issue and one we no longer get on Cutting Edge Knives. It was driven home this week on our client sites when Typekit had an outage and their fonts wouldn't load correctly and caused massive load delay and customer issues (thinking the site was down). 

We'd done everything correctly and rare as it was, an outage like that can cost significantly. 

We'll follow up more on the web fonts discussion at another time and hopefully do a little testing on performance and user perception of speed. 

Umbraco fun

Friday was time to have a bit of fun with the Umbraco community too.

In the office tomorrow we are having "wear an Umbraco t-shirt day", I think we should make this offical and global. Photo or it didnt happen

— Offroad Code (@offroadcode) March 17, 2016

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Hi, I'm James

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