Umbraco 2 factor authentication

This entry was written more than 2 years ago and the information may be out of date

Two factor authentication in Umbraco has long been a security feature we've wanted for our own sites and those of our clients - adding an additional layer of security to an already secure CMS is never a bad thing - but it's not been possible until recently.ย 

Thanks to a recent pull request, we were able to start developing the Umbraco 2 Factor Authentication package and with the release of Umbraco 7.6 all the necessary core code is in place to make it available to the wonderful Umbraco community on Our Umbraco.ย 

Umbraco 2 Factor Authentication

We'd love to hear your feedback and of course feel free to submit any issues. We'll be continuing development of this package and adding more features so stay tuned!ย 

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