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We've worked with Olympic Holidays for many years, they're one of our oldest clients and we love the ever changing challenge of working with a fast moving company in the travel industry. It's competitive and you've always got to push hard to get an edge. 

Pete picking up the award

Pete picking up the award - Visit to read the full case study

In 2016-17, we spent a significant amount of time redesigning and rebuilding not just their website but also the underlying Umbraco CMS - dragging their back-office right up to date with Umbraco V7. 

Prior to this project, one of the biggest problems they had as a company was the extremely clunky and hard to use V4 Umbraco build that powered their website and we knew from many discussions that in order to make a stronger and faster site this needed to deliver a better user experience for their visitors.

Not only that, it simply had be a lot faster and more flexible for the content team who needed to be able to create more compelling content much quicker than ever. 

With a strong redesign and rebuild on the front-end and some innovative and editor friendly development in Umbraco - including the creation of a number of Umbraco packages - we've helped turn some very big client frowns upside down.

For such a traffic-heavy website an update to a newer version was vital. Our Gold Partner Offroadcode took that challenge.

During the process they developed multiple packages for this solution and open-sourced them. This is a fantastic example of true open-source spirit.

They’ve changed the editors’ minds from disliking Umbraco to loving it. It goes to show how big of a difference the right implementation makes.

No wonder this case won the Jury’s choice award at the Umbraco Awards 2017!

To win such an award makes us incredibly proud as a team, to have our work and contributions to Umbraco recognised and rewarded by our peers is a true high point of our year. 

Visit to read the full case study.

Thank you Umbraco! 👏👏

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