How to quickly validate a business idea

Since giving talks about Cutting Edge Knives, I've been amazed by just how many people have ideas but never take them beyond the idea stage when it's so easy.

Conferences are our marketing budget

As a small company, we don't have a vast conference budget like many but we do feel it's vital to attend (and speak at) them regularly.

The code first in Umbraco deadend

I've talked a lot about Code First in the past and recently presented a talk about it at uWestFest in Las Vegas were I think I broke some hearts when I said I no longer use it or recommend it. Here is why.

Working with international clients

Working with clients around the world can be a challenge but with a little planning your projects can launch with minimal fuss.

Rise of the tablets

We've seen a clear change in our demographic on Cutting Edge Knives and we need to up our game for them.

Hi, I'm James

How can we help?

From Umbraco development (we won an award for thatĀ šŸ‘) to design and development orĀ giving you some advice, whether technical or if that hat really goes with those shoes - drop us a line below and we'll be in touch.Ā