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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Every now and then you hear about a nugget of wisdom which rings true to a part of your life. The latest I've found is the title of this post and comes from the SEAL team who went in and "got" Mr Bin Laden.

When should Umbraco V8 be released?

We hosted a few polls of the community to try to get a feel for when people expect Umbraco V8 to be ready and the results are in and rather unexpected! Read on for our analysis of the findings.

The Umbraco V8 Event Horizon

With the release of a very early Umbraco V8 Alpha what choice and challenges does this pose for developer, customers, agencies and HQ. Where should focus be spent and how can we learn from previous version jumps to smooth the transition.

Adventures with ImageCropMode!

Did you know that there are three different ways to use GetCropUrl()? I sure didn't! They also return different default values for their ImageCropMode, so check out how to use them properly (and a little bit on why).

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