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What lies ahead for Umbraco?

The future of Umbraco CMS is with .net Core but what about the back office. How can they manage the timing of the new releases so that no one gets left behind or frustrated?

The curse of "Genie developers"

We've probably all meet one, worked with one and had to work around them. Genie developers keep the agency and outsource land busy in all the wrong ways. But what actually is a Genie developer and what can you do about them?

My Odyssey in Teaching Kids Scratch: Part 2

Part Two in Janae's series about teaching kids how to code for a week handles what's entailed in building a week-long series of Escape Rooms. Why? Because puzzles engage creativity and make learning history fun!

My Odyssey in Teaching Kids Scratch: Part 1

This year, Janae decided to take on the crazy, awesome task of teaching kids how to code in Scratch. She regales us with the anecdote of her experiences and what it was like to teach a week-long summer camp to eleven 9-11 year-olds. In Part One, she talks about planning a class and what things to consider.

Tips to Login Issues with Umbraco Upgrades

Umbraco v7 upgrades usually run pretty smoothly, but sometimes there can be an unexpected issue. If you're having troubles logging in to authorize an upgrade, we've compiled a few tips from the forums to help out!

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Every now and then you hear about a nugget of wisdom which rings true to a part of your life. The latest I've found is the title of this post and comes from the SEAL team who went in and "got" Mr Bin Laden.

When should Umbraco V8 be released?

We hosted a few polls of the community to try to get a feel for when people expect Umbraco V8 to be ready and the results are in and rather unexpected! Read on for our analysis of the findings.

The Umbraco V8 Event Horizon

With the release of a very early Umbraco V8 Alpha what choice and challenges does this pose for developer, customers, agencies and HQ. Where should focus be spent and how can we learn from previous version jumps to smooth the transition.

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