Micro UI optimisation on Harvest

We use Harvest every week to track time and generate our client invoices but there's been one small part of my weekly workflow that is a little niggly so I'd like to briefly share some feedback for a design team I know work hard to iterate and improve the product on a regular basis (you can read an interview with Daniel Merino on Interface Lovers) so hopefully my weekly invoicing tasks could be a few clicks less.ย 

The issue

When running a detailed time report each week for one of our clients, the user has the option to select "All projects" or add them one by one but adding 10 out of 12 projects for example requires a significant number of clicks to achieve.ย 

A suggestion

It feels a little excessive sending this as a blog post but I'd like to suggest potentially cutting that number of clicks and the irritation of scrolling down a list each time to get to client projects by switching out the standard drop-down to a checkbox list which would allow for much easier selection of multiple projects within a client.

A dropdown on the Harvest app showing multiple selection checkboxes

For the Harvest team - thanks for your efforts, I hope this feedback on how we use one part of tool is useful in some wayย ๐Ÿ‘

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